Access For The Merchant Navy Test

Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial group that is used for shipping of loads. There are mainly three departments in Merchant Navy including the Deck (Floor) department, Engine department and the Service department. The candidates in this field can get placed in any of these departments based on to certain qualifications and certifications that are needed for various job ranks. It has job chances in the Public Sector as well as Private Sector too. You can also explore your sound career scope inabroad too. It is a highly paid and pleasing careerbeing adopted by tremendous sincere and hard working students worldwide.

There are various top government colleges available in India who is providing the bachelor degree in the Merchant Navy.

Some famous Institutes are enlisted below:  

  • Training Ship Chanakya, Navi Mumbai.
  • Marine Engineering & Research Institute, Kolkata.
  • Marine Engineering & Research Institute, Mumbai.
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri College of advanced Maritime Studies and Research, Mumbai.

These are some top private and recognized colleges of India to providing the best courses for Merchant Navy Officer:-

  • Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies- Mumbai and Lonawala
  • Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) in Pune
  • IMU (Chennai)
  • MANET in (Pune)

All theses institutes provide admissions to only those students who have ranked in merits at IIT-JEE or NEE levels of entrance exams. All the primary information about all types of entrance exams are publishing in daily newspapers. As well as you can search the web portals too to inquire about basic information. Some government affiliated institutes are also conducting the same course and timely they are providing all the admission information’s in daily prime newspapers. 

Before joining the college each student has to clear out the CET of IIT-JEE, AIEEE etc.So each student must do the deep studies for clearing all these exams.

An aspirant for NEE exam you may follow the following tips to be well prepared in the entrance exams:-

  • If you have already made up your mind to hold some good post in the field of Merchant Navy then it is time to work hard with sincerity.
  • The main focus should remain on Chemistry,Mathematics and Physics in your entrance exam questionnaire. Your 12th standard marks should also be secured well in these subjects at least more then 60% in each. You can revise your Senior Secondary syllabus for the preparation of the entrance exam. After 12th one can eligible to join as deck cadet course of (3years) and can pursue engineering officers course of (4 years) as well at the college level.
  • Get yourself enrolled in some good Coaching Institute is next task where you can sort out your major questions or queries to accomplish the basic syllabus of the exams. Before taking part in any coaching institute the previous records of passed students, their methodology of teaching and learning pattern is to be checked. If all the details are meeting your expectations then, you should stick with the same coaching center.
  • A NEE entrance examination is conducted by IIT to select the merit based students for the completion of further bachelor course.  A written test with interview is mandatory for this entrance test. 
  • The Director General of Shipping has the authority to select the appropriate candidates for the recruitment in the collages with best possibilities by reminding marks and qualities during the final round of interview.  
  • Students can also tell their preferred area or work of interest before taking the course in any above said institutes or private institutes which comes under Government Education Policies.
  • After completion of the bachelor degree any student can get placements in desirable Indian Shipping Companies or try their best in some aboard companies. The two areas where the students are educated and trained in the colleges are Navigation Science & Marine Engineering.
  • India education ministry is conducting a UPSC entrance exam to enroll in merchant navy course. The dates of these exams are usually publishing in newspapers. As well as all the above mentioned collages are also providing the best faculty and study material for the same course.   IGNOU is non collegiate institute where also you can get admission after clearing the entrance exam conducting by IGNOU itself.
  • There are lots of preparatory books available in the market for NEE entrance exams; apart from them you can also revise your 12th standard syllabus books in all PCM and English subjects.  You can also confirm from your school teacher about various publications which can provide you the best study materials.

Apart from this, always read daily newspapers carefully. This is also a good source to be updated with the current scenario of examination pattern. Every day, newspapers are highlighting the guidelines for students on various courses in nation as well as aboard too.

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