Preparation For The IIT JEE Examination

Indian Institute of Technology every year conducts a joint exam IIT-JEE for IIT centers in India. The basic purpose of the exam is to find out the best students out of the mob. It is a national level exam which is held every year on the month of April-May. Every year thousands of aspirants from all Indian metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai sit in the exam in the hope of cracking it and getting admission in a good engineering college.

There are almost 9500 seats in the IITs of the country. Thus the competition for the aspirant IITians become very tight as lakhs of students apply sit for the exam every year. To cope up with such tight situations and success in the exam, the students start preparing for the exam months before the actual exam takes place. In fact a number of students start preparing for the exam years back. This is not a tight situation for the students only, but the parents also spend sleepless nights during the exam. The success in the exam ensures the future of the students to a large extent.

The basic criteria to sit in IIT-JEE exam is that the student must have completed their 10+2 with good percentage of marks. The student must be from a science background. If a student fulfills all the above mentioned criteria, the student can sit for the exam. Now comes the preparation part. In the preparatory stage, it is most important to be mentally and physically ready. No need to take tension, as this may kill the enthusiasm among the students. There should be proper division of time so that each subject can be covered well. The parents can also help their kids by discussing with them their strategy for planning the exam.

Cracking the IIT-JEE exam is not the end of the story; the students must need to bag good percentage of marks to secure their place. Thus apart from the time and course management, there should be a proper planning as to how to prepare different subjects within a particular time. One of the most helpful steps is to solve a mock test paper every day within the stipulated time frame.

This is one of the best ways to prepare you for the exam time. Always keep the syllabus with you, before preparing the new topic look at the syllabus first. Try to learn the fundamentals of the concepts rather then memorizing the concepts. The students can also take admission in a good coaching class. In such coaching classes, expert teachers give tips to the students that are useful in the exam.

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