BBA As A Prosperous Career Option

Management is that particular skill which we require in every walk of our life. Starting from planning the morning breakfast to the vocational tours, everything needs to be done in a pre-planned manner. The success of big organizations lies more on the way they manage their complete task. An efficient manager can take the business to the zenith of success. In the modern time, when market competitions are getting high day by day, the organizations also need skilled management personals who can manage the different branches of the organization with an efficient hand.

This is the reason why the demand of management students is growing day by day. Not only in the marketing companies, but in finance, hotels, corporate houses and even in fashion industries, these students are making their presence felt. Business management involves making use of a company’s available resources in running and expanding the organization’s operations, while at the same time ensuring efficient delivery of services to the company’s clientele. Business administration takes care of handling the smooth functioning of different company operations - finance, marketing, accounting, management of information technology, projects, branding, etc.

In the initial stage, this course was provided by the government institutes only. But the growing demand of this course has influenced many private organizations to open up business schools in different parts of the country. Now in India, there is a mushrooming of such schools, especially in the metro cities. The parents, who want to admit their kids in a good business school, need to do a good research before choosing the institute. During the tenure of the course, the students are given idea about management strategies in different field. After getting an insight into different areas, the students can choose their area of interest to pursue their specialization. Those who want to go for the higher studies can also take admissions in MBA (Masters in Business Administration) after the completion of the course.

The employment prospect in this course is also very high. The students can get jobs in multiple fields such as banking or finance; accounting, auditing, taxation; administration, management; insurance, real estate services; marketing, sales; economics, statistics, mathematical work; teaching and so on. Students keen to pursue BBA will do well in this stream if they possess natural leadership qualities, good communication skills and a flair for management. The major topics covered in the course include business economics, accounting principles, finance and marketing management, business law, computer fundamentals, etc. Teaching methodology includes training through project work, presentations, and visits to industries and even interaction with experts from different fields.

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