Higher Education in India

Now a day’s India stands as one of the developing country in the world with highest rate of higher education institutes in the country at second position in the world. Students not only from India but abroad too are taking good advantage of learning various subjects in higher education in India with practicals and placements exposures through some of the government recognized institutes.

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), National Institute of Technology (NITs) and Jawaharlal Nehru University are the regular universities which have been internationally applauded for their standard of education. The Institute of Technology and The Birla Institute of Technology & Science – Pilani, The Indian School of Business, Hyderabad are coming in first 20 rankings in Asia as the best higher education in India institutes categories.

As well as, All India Institute of Medical Sciences has been recognized as a universal leader in the medical, research and treatments. Distance education in India is another great option for the students who cannot able to learn regular studies with any reasons. Distance education learning is the process in which all the study materials is dispatched to the candidates home by currier or emails, besides that candidate has to complete the practical assignments at their own.

Students can pursue distance learning education from class X onwards up to the higher education in managements and communication courses. No doubt, if a candidate has completed his\her higher studies from some recognized university as per Distance education in India will be having equal preferences in the job market just like the regular college candidates. Generally students who work are pursuing distance education.

They can do two important things at the same time. Their working experience will add on in the overall experience mentioned in the resume. Some jobs are strictly demanding particular degrees and diplomas, to accomplish these requirements the candidates have to complete non collegiate degree and diplomas.

It will be great opportunities for the candidates who want to study as well as work in India. Every year most of the students are coming from rural areas too in the cities where best facility of education and earnings are possible. There are many other factors for choosing distant education in India. Distant education is taking lesser time and money for working students. The students can get jobs at the fresher level and acquire job experience along with taking weekend classes from some recognized Open University anywhere in India cities.

Attending these classes is also not compulsory for the students as per the maintenance of attendance records in the university. Some universities are even offering online mode of examination format too. In which the candidates need not to be present in the university personally on time. They can decide the online dates of examination and the time limit online to complete the whole exams especially for all higher educational degrees and diplomas.

Internet technology is become a godsend for promoting distance education in which teachers can do video chat with the groups of students and all the necessary quarries can be sorted out online. Surveys say that India is leading country in the higher education in science and technology in world. IGNOU in India is a largest university in the world that is offering maximum numbers courses at correspondence level to the students across the world.

Apart from world acclaimed IGNOU university students can go with other following popular open universities in India

1. Karnataka State Open University

2. Tamil Nadu Open University

3. UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University

4. Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University.

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