Computer Language Courses

Language is the prime medium of instruction in any culture. A language may be written or verbal, but it always contains some messages. Birds, animals, and human beings use different sounds to communicate with each other. Even the computer also has a language of its own which is called Computer Language or Programming Language. A computer device only understands this language and work according to the instruction as directed by this language. But computer language also differs from each other. Basically, this language can be divided into two different Kinds- Low level language and High level language.

1.    Low Level Language- This language is basically the machine codes that the computer device easily understands. If we give instructions to the computer in English or some other language, it will not respond to that. Thus computer programmers use languages that are understandable by the computer device. This low level language again can be divided into two- Machine Language and Assembly Language. Machine language is the basic type of programming language. In this language, 0 stands for the absence of electric pulse and 1 stands for the presence of electric pulse. On the other hand, assembly language is developed to overcome the some of the many inconvenience of the machine language. This is another low level but a very important language in which operation codes and operands are given in the form of alphanumeric symbols instead of 0’s and 1’s.

2.    High Level Language- High level language is closer to the English language format. This language type has been developed for the convenience of the people so that they can give command to the computer in a language which is very close to the English language. In this language, English words and mathematical symbols are used frequently. Each instruction in the high level language is translated into many machine language instructions thus showing one-to-many translation.

The programming language can be called the backbone upon which a computer device entirely runs. A small mistake in putting the programming codes can stop the entire working of the computer. Thus, those who work as a programming language expert need to be very careful about putting the codes. With the explosion of new media technology, the job prospects of programming language experts are also expanding its sphere. Many students are getting interested to get the admissions in courses that provide classes on computer language. The Indian students from metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad are also reaping its fruits as many multinational companies are hiring these students in a good amount every year.

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