Dancing Courses

Dance is no more a medium of entertainment; it has turned into a prosperous career option for the youngsters. In India, dance is considered to be one of the oldest art forms. One can find a number of dance forms in India only. In the Indian television world, ‘Boogie Woogie\' was the pioneer who popularized different dance forms among the masses. The huge success of this dance reality show encouraged different producers and directors to come up with dancing programs on the television screen. Moreover, in the Indian film industry also, dance is considered to be a vital part. ‘Dance India Dance\' in Zee TV is spread the dance fever among the Indian youth.

Though many people don\'t consider dance to be a good option to be chosen as a career, this art form has become a good way to get name, fame and money. There are numerous dance schools available in the country that provides full-fledged dance trainings to the students. Those who study in such schools are taught about different dance forms including Indian and Western.

Training in Dance should start as early as age six or less, much before the professional training. Besides an in born talent, the basic requirement for a full time professional training is matriculation or 10 + 2. After the completion of the course, students can get job in a number of industries in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad., such as-

Dance academy- There are many people who want to spread their knowledge among others. Thus choosing the career of a mentor or teacher can fulfill this goal very easily. There are many dance academies which do inter recruitments for the teachers. Those who have an excellent academic career in dance can easily get the job of a mentor in any of the dance institutions. They also pay good salary packages and sometime also provide accommodation facilities.

Choreographer- The popularity of dance in the television and film industry has opened up the ways for youngsters to work as a choreographer. To become a senior choreographer, the students need to work as an apprentice under some expert choreographer. There are many dance institutions that provide practical training to its students by making them engage in different television or film production projects. The remunerations are also good in this field of choreography.

Stage Performance- It\'s been noticed in modern time that many students open up their own dance troops after the completion of a professional course. This is a great way to earn handsome money. Moreover, through stage performance they also get a chance to explore different cultures and dance forms that exist in the world.

If you\'re eager to join a company as a dancer, you may decide to enter a conservatory-style or pre-professional school where you\'ll concentrate on developing technique and performance skills. Before making a decision about what\'s right for you, spend some serious time doing research.

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