Fashion Design Courses

Every man and woman loves to be beautiful and presentable. The presentability of a person depends much on the attire that they wear. Our dressing is directly related to the level of self esteem that every one of us possesses. The attire also represents the culture and customs of a particular society. For example, in Europe, it considers to be an ill manner to appear in a half or short sleeve where as in America it is natural phenomenon to wear half sleeve or sleeveless. In the modern day scenario, the cultural exchanges have opened up the doors for different cultures to adapt each other’s customs.

This has given rise to the fashion consciousness among people regarding their attire or clothing. The fashion industry is also booming rapidly to meet the needs of the modern day people. Along with the clothing, people have also become conscious about the accessories that they carry. This has given rise to the fashion designing industries worldwide. The lucrative career option in this field is attracting the youth to a large extent to build their career in this particular genre from metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad.

A student, who has completed the senior secondary level, can pursue this course. Fashion design basically means the art of applying design and aesthetic or natural beauty to the clothing and accessories. The designing method is always influenced by the culture and tradition of the society. Those who want to present their creativity in the field of fashion designing can go for a number of options. They can develop their skills in a variety of field that include:-

• Garment Designing - It is the basic form of fashion designing. In a garment designing course, the students learn how to design different clothing wears for different situations. It includes party wear, bridal wear, summer or winter wear, night wear, swimming costume, lingerie and many more. The students can choose their specific area of specialization according to their choice.

• Jewellery Designing - This part of fashion designing deals basically with the designing of the jeweler. This jewellery may be of stones, metals like gold, silver, bronze, platinum, pearl, or of other things. Many modern day jewellery designers use woods and bamboo to design different kinds of fashion jewellery.

• Other Accessory Designing - Fashion designing also covers the designing of other accessories such as purse, belts, shoes, and so on. Students can also go for the designing course of such accessories as these are in hot demand in modern time.

In India, there are host of government and non-government institutes that provide professional fashion designing courses to the students. Those who want to build their career in fashion designing can go for any of the above mentioned options according to their choice and capability.

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