Journalism Courses

The world of journalism has become a lucrative job field in today’s world. It not only offers good career opportunities, it also name and fame. This is the reason why most youth today want to join the media world as a journalist. The profile of the journalists was not famous four or five decades ago. But with the growth of the bog media houses, both in print and electronic, more and more youngsters are getting attracted towards this field.

There is no doubt that if you want to enter into media field, you have to face challenges every day. Those who want to explore different facet of life, journalism can be a good choice for them. As a journalist, you can choose your area of interest such as war, fashion, sports, politics, entertainment and food & nutrition. The area of journalism is so vast that our every aspect of life could be covered under that.

The basic duty of the journalists is to enlighten the people about day to day happenings and trends. Journalism, thus, is a form of communication with the masses and comes under mass communication only. After the completion of the course, the students may get employed in three different kinds of media organizations- print, electronic and web.

1. Print Journalism- Print media is considered to be one of the oldest media forms. It covers newspapers, magazines, pamphlets etc. Those who want to go into a print media house, newspapers or magazines can be a good option for them. Moreover, those who have a knack to write creatively, newspapers are like heaven for them. In recent decade, more and more youngsters are getting interested towards war journalism. This particular type of journalism requires hard work and inner strength. In large newspapers and magazines each field worker has a special assignment. There are journalists assigned to cover political issues, corporate affairs, sports, fashion etc.

2. Electronic Journalism- The mass communication system has been revolutionized by the electronic media. This media type covers two broad fields- television and radio. In India, radio has the highest reach. In the television industry also, a number of news channels are actively working to spread awareness among the masses. Now a day a large number of news channels have proliferated and there are significant job opportunities in the field of electronic journalism all over indian metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. In electronics journalism jobs can be divided into reporting, anchoring, and production. Good personality and excellent communication skills are required to make a mark in electronic journalism.

3. Web Journalism- Web journalism is quite a new phenomenon as compared to the print and electronic media. With the rapid expansion of the internet services even in the remote parts, this field of journalism is getting famous. There are various portals that actively present news items before the masses. Thus if you want to catch the new trend of journalism, web journalism can be a good option for you to choose.

Students can join this course after the completion of their 10+2. If they want to do freelancing, they can also go for that. The salary package is also attractive for the journalists.

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