Video and Copy Editing Courses

Every day we come across the word media. Though this term is very popular in present day scenario, but it is in fact a tough job to define what exactly media is? In the general term we can define media as a mediator between the sender of the message and the receiver. The expansion of the world market and economy has also increased the importance of media engagement in almost every field.

It is because of the media that we remain up to dated about the day to day happenings, we get entertained, we know about the new brands in the market, we get updated about the economical flow and we can also make the people hear our voices. The political parties use the media as a weapon to act against corruption and fanatic social rules. The term ‘media’ is the plural of ‘medium’, thus it encompasses a number of branches such as print media, electronic media and new media.

The expansion of the media industry also opens up new career prospects for the youth in the world. As a result of this, more and more people are getting interested to enter into this arena. It has become a lucrative career option also. In a media house, there are multiple departments like. One of such department is editing. The job responsibility of an editor varies depending upon the nature of the media house. For example a print media editor needs to edit, proof read the written contents, whereas on the other hand an electronic media editor may remain busy the whole day editing audio and video materials.

• Print Media Editor- The basic job responsibility of a print media editor is to edit the copy and check for spelling and grammatical mistakes, rewrite copy when appropriate to fit the house style and word count and check the facts of the story making sure they are accurate. So in short, an editor is responsible for making the written contents attractive, fault free and catchy.

• Electronic Media Editor- In the electronic media house, the editors play a vital role. They are engage in editing the audio and video clips. The audio or video editor must be aware of the target group so that the clips could be edited accordingly.

Opportunities for editors exist in both print and digital media and at all different levels from junior positions such as editorial assistants and web editors to more senior roles such as picture editors, designers and publishing copywriter, copy editor, web content managers and editors of big publications. Students can pursue this course just after the completion of 10+2. There are different media institutes in all over Indian metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad, both government and private that provide editing courses to the students.

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