UNICEF and Delhi Daredevils : Dare to Care

A daughter is the miracle, full of beauty and forever beautiful, let them spread their wings, shine, laugh and spread happiness. Now, putting some light on the records of UNICEF, it is observed that more than 100 million girl child are the victims of child labor engaged in agricultural and domestic work.

Almost 40% of the adolescents are not attending school and are forced to marry before the legal age of 18 years.

Educating a girl is one of the best investments that can be made for the brighter future of India. To promote empowerment of girls, UNICEF and Delhi Daredevils have decided to come together in a partnership that aims at protecting the millions of teenage girls who are still experiencing various forms of discrimination, exploitation and abuse on account of their age and sex.

A happy girl is the hope of the better tomorrow. Dare to Care will focus on the issues of educating girls which will hence empower them and give them the courage of saying NO to early marriage and take right decisions of their life.

An educated girl tends to marry later, have fewer children, who tend to get better nourishment and education. Daredevils are going to help UNICEF by spreading awareness through their franchise, the squad and every loyal fan.

Some amount of the IPL ticket and merchandise is delivered to “Dare to Care” fund. In fact, some of the daredevils are auctioning their memorable for funding the campaign.

Source:- http://www.unicef.in/daretocare.html