UNICEF draws notice over Anemia affected girls

In recent news published in a leading newspaper of India reveals that more then 80% girls in whole Rajasthan, India are suffering from malnutrition and anemia. This is really a disturbing figure comes in the view of nation. Rajasthan has occupied a largest area in India. Lots of populations are living here but with less employment options. Most of the people are still passing their time under BPL category says, national surveys.

It is estimated that calorific difference among the people is the major reason for this problem.  And a few serious steps need to take for stopping such pathetic situations in girl child of our nation. The survey's findings state that 83.4% teenager girls are found to be anemic in the district with 2.98% tormenting from severe, 22.2% moderate, and 58.21% mild anemia.

There are many national and state level programs have been introduced to fight against this issue. Through this article we can say it is first of all every individual’s duty to provide the equal nutritional food items to girl child in the families without any bias. The experts at the workshops claimed that anemia is common among adolescents and women in the rural areas in Rajasthan.

UNICEF state chief (Rajasthan) Samueul Mawungadize said anemia is affected by public awareness, behavior and social reactions. "Despite the presence of ample resources, plans of action and the government's positive involvement, anemia is still a challenge in the country.

The experts debated and concluded on the issues like anemia is common among vegetarians across the country, it can be region specific, economic specific, age specific or gender specific. Doctors say the quality of iron and folic tablet are not only sufficient for all anemic people. They said it should eradicate from the family, society state or even nation just like the polio drive in India. Now it is recorded that no more cases of polio can identified in present India.  

Through a common analysis many awareness are being promoted among the people about how to improve or get over the anemia situation in female body such as anemia control program, anemia, body mass index, individual hygiene, clean drinking water, menstrual hygiene, iron folic acid and nutrient intake and food sufficiency.