Benefits of Dance for Children

Friedrich Nietzsche once quoted “Dancing in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum of all noble education: dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words, and, need I add that, one must also be able to dance with the pen?"

If your child is studying in any class, or high school, they can join after school activities that will provide them some benefits which can guide the direction of their life.

Little boys and girls can join Dance as one of their hobby activities which will later on becomes the passion and turns to the career in your child life. Such type of activities doesn’t harm your child studies but enhance their other mental and emotional caliber.  

You can checkout various lists of those co-curricular Activities in internet to done or from some of the reputed institute in your local area. Or you can ask to the school teachers of your child to add on such activities in the school only.  

Dance is the activity which can be happen if you are physically and mentally happy.  Now days every work or creativity has turns into a competitive or professional task. Some children are quite fascinating since their childhood about various dance moves.  Thus many parents also try to explore their child this creative art.

In general dance can be the best ways to express your emotions for the special occasion in family among friends or even at work place.  Adding Dance into child’s schooling or schools age provides them good chance to learn this art at its best. 

Special benefits of learning dance:-

  • Research proves that performing dance in front of all will improve immense confidence in the child.
  • It improves child good memory. Because dancing requires several steps to be perform correctly in final round of dance. 
  • Dance improves listening power of the child while they are following the musical beats or lyrics.
  • It also improves social skills in the children by giving them reminder about how to react in better social behaviors. 
  • It develops team spirit.
  • Maintains normal metabolism of a child’s physical, cognitive and emotional well beings. It can play as a best part of exercise.
  • Maintains cardiovascular strength of the heart in body.
  • Dance improves flexibility that helps with a much better posture and improves muscle tone.
  • It reduces stress and tensions.
  • It is found as one of the best source of entertainment. With all above said reasons today dance is accepting as one of the essential part in a child education system or in media’s talent hunt shows.

We can certainly say that dancing is tantamount to children's all-rounded education, personality development and complete well-being