Roles of Good Parents in their child’s life

Leading a parental life is one of the most auspicious ways to share your love and care with your family.  The most important thing a parent can give their child is to realize a feeling of love with them.  Just be reminding that there is no word as perfect in the human’s beings dictionary which is also applicable in the parent’s life for making a prefect relationships.

The easiest and best ways to cheer up your kids is just boost them positively as much as possible. This can also be a best way to express your love and concern to your child. Despite of busy and hectic schedule in the parent’s life, if they follow a simple smile that works a lot for the better upbringing and confidence making of your child. 

A parent and child relationship should maintain in such a way that there is no demand and supply culture should be burdened on the child for earning your love. This creates a business relationship not a parenting. 

Praise your child in front of others. They should not be felt like they are inferior then other children. It creates a negative feeling in them for others and themselves.  Let them understand for the lesson of to be a good listener and strong decision maker for their own life. Most important, remember your child is not an extension for you. Your child is having their own identity and desires to sustain their life under your care, not a chance for you to live over your life through them.

Criticisms can never are accepted in Childs mindsets. They may revolt you for this. They are also respectful human beings in the family. If unnecessary parents say that you are bad… go away… do not show me your face. Such harsh words can destroy your Childs whole positive feeling about themselves. Be self-confident yet kind when pointing out what they have done wrong. Be strict / serious, but not cross or dominate, when you tell them what you expect.

Evade public humiliation. If they are naughty in public, take them aside, and scold them privately. Logically from the behavior and character you hope your children will adopt and continue to live by the rules that you set for them.

Check your temper. Raise it when needed on your child but with caring words. Harsh words can create bitterness in the healthy child and parents relationships.  Make a healthy communication ways to your child and between you.

Being a parent you should also listen them deep heartedly. Express your interest in their life to share their problems and solve it. Be a role model of your children. Set good examples for sustain a healthy and cheerful life. Like take them along with you and show how you help poor and needy people around you.  

Treat and tell them that they are secure and safe in the home in between their parents. They can use their room in a descent manner where they can get relive in their free times. Let them share your room whenever they feel alone or tiresome. This creates a sense of belongingness between you people.