Simple Ways to Fabricate a Positive Parent Child Bond

A parent and child is the softest relationship in the world. It requires lots of hardships in the manner of showing love and care for each other not only in family but in front of other people also.  There should be a sense or sensitivity of belongingness should maintain between each member or we can say between elders or youngsters of a family. There should be a strong communication bond develop between parent and their each child.   We can suggest you a few tips to enhance this lovable and sweet relation of parents with their kids as follows:-

  Often say ‘I love you’ – your child is very innocent. It dose not necessary that they can easily understand your each words or actions in the right sense.     So it’s better to say them often I LOVE YOU.  It clears some points in your child developing mind that this action is well appraised by their parents that     is why the parents are responding in I LOVE YOU replies.  Such words dose not need any age barrier. The simple …I love you… can create a miracle in your     parent and child relations.

  Build faith – often teach your expectations and beliefs to your child. Make them realize about the family needs and beliefs by sharing theses things     regularly with them.  Let them think about the facts of life and family expectations from them and give them time to respond in a good and healthy manner in     any circumstances in a family life.

  Boost your child – with every good achievement in the life of your child you should encourage them with cheering words. You can also use some code words     like ‘my champion’ cheer up etc. so that it develops a sense of courage in your child’s mind and they can be motivate for the further challenges in their     life at home or out.  If your child gets engaged in some awful situations then also such code words will develop a good link between you and your child for     creating normal situations.

  Start a special bed time wishing to your child  such type of habits teach them how to be relaxed and get to bed with good moods. Some parents are telling     them bed time stories to make them feel that they are important. Such type of time spending is often remembered by your children through out their life.   

  Let your children assist you – such types of activity make them feel belonging with you in general routine. You can tell them to assist me in shopping by     carrying the small tings from the shelf or serve food to your papa at home Etc. Respect their opinions for you such as choosing the matching shoes with your     dress by the kids.

  Be a playing friend of your child- whatever your child is playing the indoor or outdoor games. You can also start playing with them; your company in games     makes them more closure to you. As a parent you will also enjoy the jolly bubbly company along with your kids. It will become the valuable time spending     with your kids.  Your involvement in their games will make your strong concerns in their life.

  Often Share joint meals – eating together sets a stage of conversation and sharing some good moments among the family members. Do not watch TV while eating. Sitting together and enjoying the meal   makes a good difference in life of family with youngsters and old members.

  Give special times to your dears ones- go out for some lunch or dinner together. Have quality time and enjoying moments together while watching a movie     along. Or make the days or some days in a special ways to be remembered always. Do maximum work by our own.  For e.g. Prepare an especial desert for your     kid in the same manner which they like. Often share your each moment with full of involvements can take you more closure to your kids.

  Respect others opinions or situations – it is not necessary to always pin point each action of your child. Let him dresses in the manner which they wish to.     And enjoy the moments of teen ages along with them. Some times your child may feel hesitate for sharing any thing with you. This type of hesitation can only     be solving if you give space and sense of belief between each other about their situation and thoughts.

  Show your children that they are priority in your life - while talking with your dear ones always show that feelings of attention to them so that they feel      you are also one of the very important aspects in your life.

  In short it is the elder’s first duty to start a helping hand towards their kids so that they won’t feel alone or detached with you.

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