Parent Testimonials

Thanks for such a nice description of all school in Dwarka, New Delhi vincinity.

As we came from Mumbai in Nov'11 and trying for admission of my daughter "Mahi Bhushan" in Upper/Senior KG, worried about the mid session admission in the school in Dwarka area,Basis on the information available, We tried in BGS International Public School and my daughter got admission after personal interveiw of my daughter with the Principal of the School.

I have never thonught of such a vast information available on schools. But when i search on the net and found website, the data available here gives me boost and speedup the process for searching the right school.Though the mid-session admission was no so easy in Dwarka, Delhi, but the information available on your website helps me lot to search the right school in less time as time was also a constraint for me as i have to join my office asap.

My best wishes to the team of Online School Admissions for their effort to update/make this kind of website which helps parent like us.

Nitin Bhushan
OSA was just the right option for our son. There were so many schools that we visited but then realized they didn't have the facilities we needed. OSA's directory of schools was just right for us to choose what we wanted in a school!
Vishal Bhardwaj
I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing for our children. The hard work everyone at OSA, I'm sure is highly noticed and greatly appreciated by a number of parents across the globe! Just thought I should tell you!
Shilpi Garg
OSA has utilized technology to give parents the convenience of filling and submitting their application forms online and at a very modest service charge, that it's unbelievable!
Vineet Srivastava
I love being more actively involved in my daughter's education. The on-line program gives me easy access to all of the teaching materials and assignment expectations. We are developing a stronger and more mature relationship as we work through some of her questions together.
Anuruddh Pratap
I wasn't certain about OSA until I tried it. I was scared to load my child's documents and put our personal data on the application forms but was at ease when I found how well their data management system functioned. It was completely fool-proof and all the information provided was kept completely confidential.
Bhawna Chaturvedi
I just wanted to write you and thank you ALL for giving us the convenience of searching for the best school. We have enjoyed reading your newsletters and the articles that you post on the Internet pertaining to education and child care.
Monika Bhardwaj
OSA is a website that truly understands parental pressure especially during school admissions. Thank you OSA for cooperating with us. It's a great way of interacting with us to give us the best of e-admissions .what more could we ask for?
Neeru Garg
"OSA continues to exceed my expectations and earns my highest regard as a fabulous educational option for the parent community. I appreciate your commitment to simplify the system of school admissions in India. We really needed it." Thank you OSA.
Himanshu Joshi
Dear OSA, thank you very much, you've saved our time and energy. It was very informative to be able to the profiles of the schools registered with you, prior to visiting them because it has broadened our scope of choosing a good school for our child
Arun Kumar
"Taking leave from office was becoming a nuisance. My boss couldn't understand why I had to take leave from work when OSA was at hand." Thanks OSA! Your website is definitely a unique concept for every working parent.
Ambrish Shrivastava