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GH - 9, Near Telephone Exchange, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi - 110087, Delhi, India

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About Gurusharan Convent

Gurusharan Convent School was established in the year 1998. It is an unaided senior secondary school administered by the “All Saints Educational Society”, New Delhi. The school is recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration. Delhi and is affiliated to CBSE. It is an English medium school located in Paschim Vihar area of West Delhi.

Education has a very wide connotation. Gurusharan Convent not only caters to the educational need of children and youth but also engages in village upliftment and social work especially among the downtrodden and marginalized.

Gurusharan Convent seeks to work for the total development of the young. They are helped to discover their innate God given talents and work towards their optimum potential in order to place them at the service of society. It seeks to enable the young to search for the truth by training them to analyze reality, from critical judgments, search for solutions and work out a synthesis.

It is concerned with forming a moral conscience that is capable of discerning what is good and choosing it. The emphasis is to engage in relationships marked by sincerity and self determination and training to understand the complex political reality and to enter it in a constructive way.

It imparts an appreciation of the Indian heritage and enables the students to imbibe its culture and ethos for building a harmonious society, irrespective of differences of faith, language, caste and class and at the same time to remain open to the positive elements of other cultures. It instills in the pupils the values of love, freedom, forgiveness, honesty and justice.

Facilities in Gurusharan Convent

Library   Transportation   Swimming Pool  
Play Ground   Cafeteria   Safety And Security Systems  
Table Tennis   Badminton   Carrom  
Dance Room   Art Room   Music Room  
Medical Room   Toy Room   Activity Room  
Conference Room   Physics Lab   Chemistry Lab  
Biology Lab   Mathematics Lab   Computer Lab  

Admission Procedure for Gurusharan Convent

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Director's Message

Dear Parents,

The greatest service to mankind is through education. Education is a soul searching exercise, committed towards excellence. The process of fulfilling this commitment has been an evolutionary one.

Our school aim is to provide facilitated learning with experimental approach to meet the challenges of growing minds. Gurusharan Convent School has adopted a very dynamic and progressive attitude to expose children through an educational program which will enable them to face any eventuality in future and be learners throughout the life.

I conclude by wishing each and everyone involved in the process of bringing out what is internal in a child to an external world, the very best.

Ms. Rachna Anand

Infrastructure of Gurusharan Convent

The school has a well furnished and built campus with exemplary infrastructure. The building of the school is well designed and provides all the facilities to the students. The classrooms are big, spacious and airy which are also enabled with the facility of smart classes.


The school maintains a full fledged library along with a reading room. A big collection of reference books is also there in the library to cater the needs of the students. Magazines, journals and newspaper are also maintained in the school.

Science Laboratories

The school boosts well maintained and fully equipped science laboratories which cater to the needs of the students. These include Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab and Mathematics Lab. They are places where students can carry out the experiments as per the curriculum that is followed in the school.

Computer Education

Keeping in view the needs of the future and the evident necessity of computer knowledge, the school lays stress on computer as a compulsory part of the curriculum from class two onwards. A fully equipped computer lab with hi tech systems is maintained by the school in the interest of the students.

Arts Room

An Arts room is in the school, where the students are encouraged to be innovative and creative. The students are free to go as creative as they want.

Music Room

There is a music room in the school which helps in developing the musical intelligence of the children. Children are taught in depth about the music and they are also taught to play various instruments depending on their abilities.

Dance Room

There is a dance room in the school which helps in developing the dancing skills of the students. Children are trained in different forms of dances that include different classical and western dance styles.

Games & Sports

Games and sports is an important part in the curriculum in the school. A big play ground is also maintained by the school for the students.  The school provides the facilities for various games which include table-tennis, basketball, 0cricket, football, volleyball, carom, badminton and others.


The school offers transport facilities for the students. The school owns buses that fulfill the transport facilities for the students.

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