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S- 3117, Adjoining DLF Corporate Park, DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon - 122002, Haryana, India

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About Ida Pre School

Ida Pre School is the fruition of a pioneering vision - to induce a meaningful shift in early child care and education in India. It is a community space for childhood explorations. The emphasis is on surrounding each child in a responsive and adaptive environment that nourishes their imagination and promotes self-discovery.

Ida ensures that the world around the little child is a joyful place. Ida Pre school provides opportunities for parents, siblings, grandparents and facilitators to articulate their thoughts and feelings, as well as forge long-term relationships with one another to establish a world of love for the child. We invite and welcome parents, siblings and grandparents to interact in our warm and enriching environment and engage with us at their own pace, individually or as a community.

IDA Pre-School Mission Statement

IDA Pre-School provides a nurturing environment in which the young child feels loved, respected, and valued. Our program is designed to promote the child’s development emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. It is an outreach to our community.

Our Vision
The mission of our school calls us to a vision that includes:

•    Teaching and incorporating good values into the classroom environment
•    Committing to a small teacher/student ratio
•    Providing sincere, nurturing teachers
•    Valuing the uniqueness and individuality of each child
•    Building our curriculum around developmentally appropriate practices and encouraging active learning
•    Partnering with parents to collectively and individually benefit the children 

Facilities in Ida Pre School

Smart Classes   AC Class Room   Library  
Transportation   Swimming Pool   Play Ground  
Science Park   Auditorium   Cafeteria  
Safety And Security Systems   Day Boarding   Mid-Day Meal  
Gymnasium   Dance Room   Art Room  
Music Room   Medical Room   Toy Room  
Activity Room   Conference Room   Computer Lab  
Blocks Toys   Toys   Sandy Play  
Story Session  

Admission Procedure for Ida Pre School

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Infrastructure of Ida Pre School

IDA provides and maintains an excellent facility for the Preschool and Daycare. The facility occupies 11 classrooms with access to 3 spacious rooms for indoor activities, Sleeping Rooms and Cefeteria. The Pre-school & Daycare are air conditioned and cleaned twice professionally daily, and in excellent condition. The playground contains Slides, Swings, Play Gym, Bouncy, Sensorial Gym, sandbox and vegetable patch for gardening experiences forl children.

MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: The children will have plenty of opportunity to build their gross motor skills. On the playground they will use their large muscles on the swings and slides, as well as play actively with other children. In the "Oval Room" the children will have the opportunity to ride big wheels, bounce on big balls, play with hula-hoops, enjoy the fun of a colorful parachute, toss beanbags, and bowl. The children will develop their fine motor skills in the classroom as they play and work with quality manipulatives that make learning fun. They will have opportunity to write, draw, stencil, put puzzles together, and work with play dough.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: The children will hear grammatically correct language used by facilitators and will engage in numerous individual and group activities to develop their use of language. They will have access to a reading corner in their own room, as well as age appropriate books in the school's library. The children will enjoy the special times of being read to by the facilitator. The children will act out stories as well as dictate stories of their own to the teacher. The children will be encouraged to express themselves freely.

SCIENCE: The children will have opportunities to discover the world around them as they go on nature walks and field trips outside the classroom. They will explore the wonders of science as they plant seeds, watch tadpoles develop into frogs and caterpillars develop into butterflies, work with magnets, examine bird nests, and empty bee hives, or use a magnifying glass, prism, or kaleidoscope.

The children will be given great freedom in expressing themselves artistically. Clay, paint, wood, fabric, chalk, and collage materials are just a few of the art supplies, which will be used in allowing the children to do this.

The children will have opportunities to hear music, as well as sing, move, relax, and respond to it. In addition to enjoying music for its own sake, musical activities will be used to teach concepts, reinforce learning, and develop skills of various kinds. In addition to exposure to music in the classroom, the Toddler Group, Play Group and Pre Nursery will experience a special weekly “Music Time” and the Nursery Group will experience a special bi-weekly “Music Time.”

DRAMATIC PLAY: The children will be encouraged to play both informally in learning centers and outdoors, and more formally in story time and group activities. They will use a variety of puppets, dress-up clothes, and other props to identify with people, times, and places in a make-believe world.

The children will be exposed to many opportunities for child-initiated play involving sorting, counting, measuring, classifying, patterning, and identifying numbers, as well as facilitator-directed activities during circle time.

SOCIAL SKILLS: On becoming a member of the pre-school class, each child will become part of a large family. The children will work together for the good of the class. This means that they will learn to share, care, encourage, take turns, help, comfort, and speak kindly. They will work in small groups as they play with clay, do puzzles, or listen to a tape. They will work in larger groups as they play house, build with blocks, create a mural, or play a game. Learning to play together is considered a major goal of the pre-school experience.

To avail the school transport facility, parents need to fill up the school transport form. Parents are requested to ensure that the child boards the school transport and is received at the designated stop by someone responsible on time. The person receiving the child should be duly authorised by the parents and details of the person along with photographs etc. recorded with the School Administration Head. Prior permission must be sought from the group facilitator for any changes in a child’s arrival or  departure schedule.


Children and facilitators wash their hands at the beginning of school, after using the bathroom, and before and after eating. Tables and all surfaces in the classroom are cleaned twice daily with a disinfectant. If your child becomes ill at Ida Preschool or Daycare, you will be notified immediately and expected to pick up the child promptly. Children who are ill may not remain at the centre. If your child needs emergency medical attention while at Ida, the child will be transported to the nearest emergency room and the parents will be notified. The payment for such medical treatment shall be borne by the Parents.

Appropriate play cloths should be worn. Children will be painting, using bingo dabbers, and other messy activities on occasion. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather, as we may have an adventure outdoors.

Parents may borrow one storybook every friday and return following Monday.


The pre-school provides mid-day snack at 10:30 am. The month’s meal menu is sent on the first of every month along with the Month’s syllabus. Vegetarian meals and snacks are provided at IDA Day-Care. Mid Morning Snack, Lunch and nutritious snacks in the afternoon are provided for your child and and are served to the children ”family style”. A monthly menu is posted in the arrival area for your review.

Special Diets: Parents are responsible for meals and snacks for children on special diets and anything additional to what is being provided by the day-care.

TOPICAL MEDICATION (including INSECT REPELLANT, SUNSCREEN, LIP BLAM, DIAPER CREAM, AND OVER-THECOUNTER TOPICAL OINTMENTS) may ONLY be administered if accompanied by an official “Written Medicine Administration Form” filled out by the parent (available in the office) accompanied by a copy of the doctor’s prescription. INHALERS may only be administered if accompanied by an additional “Written Medical Consent Form” filled out by the prescribing doctor. These forms must be completed for each medication and must be refiled every 3 months.

The responsibility of proper discipline within the classroom begins with the facilitators. It is the facilitator's responsibility to clearly present the ground rules for appropriate classroom behavior through discussion, roleplaying, and repetition. Having established these ground rules, the teacher uses the following positive behavior management strategies: fair and consistent limits, as well as provision of reasons for limits; positively worded directions; redirection of unacceptable behavior; modeling of acceptable behavior; assistance with verbal expressions of feelings and frustrations; arrangement of equipment, materials, activities, and schedules in a way that promotes desirable behavior. Occasionally separation from fellow classmates or "time out" is a necessary part of discipline. The child is then removed from the problem situation and sits in a "time out" chair. At this time the child is always within sight and sound of the teacher and the time is limited to approximately one minute per year of the child's age. "Time out" is a means toward child self-control and is not a punishment or method of humiliation.

An evaluation will be done at the beginning of each school year to assess each child’s beginning level. Parent teacher conferences are held after each quarter. A parent or teacher may request a conference at any time. Preschool Progress Reports will be given twice per year: September and the last week/day of school in March.

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