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About MM Public School

45 years of Existence and Magnificence

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

The school upholds the above statement and has earned the distinction of being one of the oldest and the distinguished schools of Delhi. It has emerged as a pace setter in fostering all round development of its students with state of art infrastructure facilities and stimulating pollution free environment.

The school has come a long way to stand tall and proud in constant consonance with the age of revolution and it is all due to moral, aesthetic and educational values fostered in our young minds. Qualitative education is imparted with proper focus on co-curricular activities in a conducive environment. MMPS is an educational institute par excellence which strongly believes in the words of Abdul Kalam that:

Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model.

M.M.P.S believes in:

An educational system is not worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life……….

M.M. Public School, Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura run by the Mohanlal Memorial Educational Society right from its inception in 1968 by its founders Lt. Shri Lomesh Rishi Pathak and Lt.Smt.Krishna Pathak aims at creating leaders, winners and achievers in these competitive times. M.M. Public School is an ideally progressive, prestigious temple of knowledge. It has scaled to the remarkable heights in the field of education, blending the best of modernity with the best of tradition under the dynamic leadership of Principal Smt.Rooma Pathak.

The school with its architecturally well designed and well laid spacious building with sprawling lush green surroundings provides the best amenities and facilities aiming at complete development of the child.

The legacy of moral, aesthetic, social and cultural values has been carried forward efficiently by our Director Sir Shri Somesh Rishi Pathak who stresses upon the school’s motto Learn, Love, Labour. We at M.M.P.S believe that there are no shortcuts to success and through continuous striving and working strenuously only one can have the taste of opulence.

M.M Pians are taught in a stress free environment with a high degree of expertise and professionalism achieved by the experienced teaching staff. Class size is kept small to enable participative and facilitative teaching learning. Labs for performing arts are unique and have been very instrumental in providing wholesome education and blossoming creativity in the students. The computer labs, with latest hardware and software technology have been grooming the future citizens of country. A medical room with almost latest facilities helps to deal with any unfortunate emergencies. The school believes in active participation in athletics, sports, NCC, scouts and guides and physical activities. It encourages leadership qualities, the sporting spirit camaraderie besides a healthy body. The school aims at moulding and shaping the students such that they may emerge as perfectly crafted valuable icons.


Education is a participative and collaborative activity. We, at M.M.P.S follow the motto Learn, Love, Labour. “Learn” stands for the efforts of teachers to find out and polish the learning abilities of the students. “Love” promotes the benevolent outlook of students and teachers to Nature and all fellow beings. “Labour” symbolizes the hard work and diligence to leave no stone unturned to produce efficient and effective learning in a conducive environment. Inculcation of this mission not only enhances the personality but also prepares each student to become an enlightened, responsible, and technologically savvy. With the correct blend of co-curricular activities and academics good values are fostered through love and compassion.


Our school system is strictly based upon the word ‘Childcare’ which means to derive the best out of child with proper care and not blindly stuff in. M.M.P.S has incorporated and implemented an aim to develop a child to a highly skilful, productive, creative, liberal and a proud citizen of tomorrow without letting them lose touch with their rich culture tradition and heritage. The vision of the school is to transform a tiny sapling to a fully blossomed tree by recognizing their talents, interest and consequently helping them in making a choice of a career. The school’s vision not only emphasizes on total learning experiences guided by the facilitator for the all round development of the child but also encourages for co-operative, comprehensive learning styles, for better academic competence and growth.

Facilities in MM Public School

AC Class Room   Library   Transportation  
Swimming Pool   Play Ground   Auditorium  
Cafeteria   Safety And Security Systems   Cricket Ground  
Volley Ball Ground   Basketball Ground   Table Tennis  
Badminton   Carrom   Dance Room  
Art Room   Music Room   Medical Room  
Toy Room   Physics Lab   Chemistry Lab  
Biology Lab   Mathematics Lab   Computer Lab  

Admission Procedure for MM Public School

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Director's Message

Failures comes only, when we

Forget our ideals, objectives and principles -  Jawaharlal Nehru

 In present scenario, child is forgetting the basic goodness and virtues which form the fundamental essence of life. I strongly assert and believe that inculcation of moral values and culture is the need of the hour which is imbibed in my students through the motto Learn, Love and Labour.

I feel that Education is an instrumental tool in shaping the destiny of the students and our school is a recognized and prestigious educational institute where discipline and punctuality are guiding principles. The school aims at polishing moral, ethical values of the students right from their formative years.

It cannot be denied that 21st century is an age of astounding progress in the field of information and technology and to keep up to the pace of the accelerating technology, the pedagogy has undergone a vast change. Time has evolved and in the present scenario today’s student is the child of multinational and multitude environment and therefore needs to be multiskilled. Sharpening the talents of students in holistic manner and to transfer them into human beings par excellence through patience and perseverance by my well qualified staff has made me proud of them. Making learning a fun filled activity is a great challenge which is fulfilled with the changing pattern of time and thus the education imparted in the school empowers students to discover themselves and become vibrant, dynamic, focused and dedicated learners. Sports is always given due importance.

Hence I strongly believe that:


 Heights achieved and kept by great men,
Were not attained in sudden flight,
They, while their companies slept,
Were toiling upwards through the night.
that would govern all their choices in life 



My wishes to all the young learners to grow into blossomed flowers and spread fragrance of love and compassion in the society and contribute meaningfully to the growth of a successful nation.

Mr. Somesh Rishi Pathak.

Infrastructure of MM Public School

School Building

To accomodate the students of large number of classes, school has a big building at 2 acres of land made available to the M.M. School Society by D.D.A. (Delhi Development Authority) as recognition of the useful work done by the school.


The school has a hygienic & clean cafeteria which caters to the needs of the students. Food is prepared under the strict observance of rules of cleanliness and hygiene.

Collective and concerned efforts are made in the matter of health by keeping the healthy and balanced good food in our neat and clean cafeteria to keep the proverb "A fool dreams of wealth A wise Man of health and happiness" alive.Various hygienic and healthy techniques are adopted to cater to the needs of sound mind and body of the students. Nutritious food is available to the students in the cafeteria so that the students may manage their daily chores effectively.

Child Care

Drinking Water

"ADULTERATION OF DRINKING WATER" has become a common headline in the news these days. Owing to the basic health care of our school children we have installed a RO WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM, which converts ordinary tap water, boring and even brackish water to purified water commonly known as mineral water as per the latest BIS standards.

Medical Room

To meet medical emergencies and to make the parents aware of the medical status of their ward periodic and precise health check-upsare undertaken by a well-qualified doctor in a well-equipped medical room. 

Science Labs

Biology : To enhance awareness about environmental issues and to give knowledge about variations amongst the living, Biology Lab stresses upon the connection of Biology to real life problems and also lays emphasis on the use of biological discoveries / innovation in every day life. Various experiments like dissection of flowers, collection of study soil are undertaken under the strict surveillance of the expert teachers. The learners are given exposure to various branches of biology in a contextual and friendly manner. They are also encouraged to develop rational attitude to issues related to population, environment and development.

Chemistry : To promote understanding of basic facts & concepts while retaining the excitement level of the subject is the main objective of Chemistry Lab .The students are exposed to various emerging areas of chemistry and are also apprised with its relevance in their future studies. The basic laboratory techniques like cutting of glass tube or glass rod, bending a glass tube, boring a cork are taught to students by expert teachers. Preparation of Inorganic compounds and organic compounds are taught through various experiments in Lab. Greater emphasis is laid on use of new nomenclature, symbols and formulations, teaching of fundamental concepts, application of concepts in chemistry to industry / technology thus rising the scientific and technological level of students.

Computer : M.M.P.S. understands the virtual necessity and sizeable benefits of computerization. Thus, there are large and well equipped computer labs for junior and senior level in the school. Apart from IT-Education computers also serve as teaching aids for other subjects also. Through convenient computer packages certain difficult topics are easily taught to the students.

Engineering Graphics : To enhance the capabilities in engineering, drafting and architectural designing the subject Engineering Graphics has been given a great significance in the school. The understanding of its fundamental principles and its wider application are not only incorporated among the students but are also trained to draw real sketches often needed in 'on job situations'. The students are tutored by expert teachers to develop a clear understanding of plan, solid geometry and machine drawing so as to apply the same in relevant practical fields. The students acquire speed and accuracy with the use of drawing instruments in a friendly atmosphere. The real emphasis is laid upon the development of skills of expressing three dimensional and two dimensional objects into professional language and vice versa in Engineering Graphics Lab  .

Home Science Lab : To make young MMPIANS expert in household chores various activities like Cooking, Stitching, Home Decoration etc. are taught by expert facilitators in a well equipped Home Science Lab. This lab with necessary facilities aims at making a well balanced MMPIAN.

Maths : 'Learning with joy' is the main motto of Mathematics Lab. Difficult concepts in an easier way are taught in this lab. 2D and 3D shapes are used to demonstrate different activities. Geo Board, different author's lab manuals help the facilitator to explain different and difficult concepts with ease.

Physics : The school keeping in view the rigor and depth of disciplinary approach as well as comprehensive level promote problem solving abilities and creative thinking in learners in Physics Lab. The real emphasis in lab is laid on strengthening the concepts through various equipment like Potentiometer , Meter bridge , Junction Diode apparatus etc . Many activities & experiments like finding the frequency of a.c. mains with a sonometer, converting the given galvanometer into an ammeter and voltmeter of desired range is taught in a friendly manner to the students in Physics Lab.

Social Science Lab : The knowledge of global world is enriched through physical and political maps of India, World and different Continents in well maintained Social Science Lab. Not only instruments like Barometer to test humidity of the weather and Rain gauge to test the density of rain but also working models on rain water harvesting etc aid in the growth of the mental level of students. Impressive still models on different monuments provide the basic education of our cultural heritage to the young minds.

Library : A big, spacious library-cum-reading room having a number of books on various subjects headed by an efficient librarian helps the students as well as teachers to enrich themselves with latest knowledge. There is an arrangement of weekly library periods for all classes in the timetable. The students may get the books issued to them for a specified period against the cards issued to them.

Nursery Wing : MMPS believes in giving training in formative years in full flow, So that only great oaks from little twigs may grow.
The most exuberant, sparkling and buoyant feature of our school is Nursery wing which with innovative, spacious, well-ventilated classrooms equipped with latest teaching pattern blocks and toys add colour & zing to the life of tiny tots. Our Nursery wing aims at making our little gems shine like stars by laying stress on practical play-way methods through the following state of the art facilities:-

  • Elegant Reception Hall
  • Healthy Air conditioned and Eco friendly environment
  • Sports Activities
  • Skating & Cycling Facility
  • Innovative and Exuberant Play Station
  • Beautiful Rippling Splash Pool
  • Teaching of  Performing Arts like Dance, Drama and Music
  • Montessori Based Learning
  • Creative Learning
  • Library
  • Stage Exposure
  • Event function and festivals
  • Dedicated , Highly Qualified staff
  • Regular P.T.Ms
  • Picnics & Excursions
  • Regular Medical Check-ups

 Transportation : The school is having its own fleet of CNG buses with experienced and educated drivers and responsible conductors to cater the conveyance need of its students within the radius of 10 km. School takes utmost care of the safety and security of its students. Therefore, the students in every route are escorted by responsible teachers.

At Present the transport facility is available to the following places/colonies and can further be extended to any place/colony at the discretion of the school authorities. Shalimar Bagh, Ashok Vihar, Model Town, Derawal Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Lawerence Road, Keshave Puram, Ram Pura, Shakur Pur, Sri Nagar, Rajdhani Enclave, Santnagar, Krishna Vihar, Mangolpur Khurd, Avantika, Pushpanjali, Mangolpur, Kalan, Rohini, Pitampura, Rani Bagh, J.J Colony, Budh Vihar, Rithala, Chanderlok, Peeragarhi, Punjabi Bagh, Tri Nagar, Paschim Vihar, Karam Pura etc.


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