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Nurture International School

D - 94B, Sector - 55, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India

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About Nurture International School

Nurture International School was established with a vision and mission to provide quality education to students through innovative concepts and methodologies. Within a short span of time, the school has established itself as one of the most prestigious public schools in the country. It is a co-educational English medium school which offers education from Nursery to Class V.

Nurture International School occupies a premium position among the top schools in Noida. Since its establishment, the school has been contributing to the cause of quality education with dedication and dynamism. Situated in Sector 55, Noida, one of the nerve-centers of Gautam Budh Nagar, Nurture International School is a highly reputed institution for education.

The school is managed by Nurture International Welfare Society, which is directed by Dr Sunita Gandhi, Founder, Nurture International Welfare Society, and Co-founder, Council for Global Education, USA. The name Nurture International School is synonymous with creditable performance, committed training, honing of skills, manifestation of talents, nurturing of character and development of a holistic personality. An ideal teacher student ratio is maintained in the classrooms for quality education.

Nurture is an outcome driven; values laid process of transformation at a school. It's driven by its mission to make education more meaningful for the individual child and to create conscious and caring individuals for whom service to humanity will become a way of life. They will become both leaders and team builders, not just competitors. They will be intrinsically motivated to do their best always and to compete with themselves, not others. They will be able to distinguish right from wrong & will always chose to do that which is worthy of human nobility.

Nurture Provides

  • Clear instructional goals
  • High expectation for achievement
  • Small concept-based instructional tiers
  • Clear accomplishment standards for each tier
  • Personalized work plans based on Nurture assessments
  • Use of varied methods until understanding is reached
  • Immediate feedback combined with the right level of support and challenge
  • Clear and up-to-date records of student progress

Facilities in Nurture International School

AC Class Room   Library   Transportation  
Swimming Pool   Play Ground   Auditorium  
Safety And Security Systems   Day Boarding   Cricket Ground  
Football Ground   Volley Ball Ground   Basketball Ground  
Table Tennis   Badminton   Squash  
Carrom   Dance Room   Art Room  
Music Room   Medical Room   Toy Room  
Activity Room   Conference Room   Computer Lab  
Toys   Sandy Play   Story Session  

Admission Procedure for Nurture International School

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Director's Message

Dear Parents,

Our students are trained to face global challenges, and counseled to develop a deeply patriotic nature from childhood. It is a matter of immense pride for us that our school Nurture International School is one of the best for the overall development of a child and when they do well in the world as mature adults, it is like a feather in our cap!

The classrooms at Nurture International School have an invigorating atmosphere; the students and the teachers brim with enthusiasm and energy. Every teacher directs the energy of the students positively by taking the curriculum beyond academics. Guidance in critical thinking and openness of approach to the learning process makes the classroom experience not only different but also inspiring and motivating.

Mrs. Shashi Panddey

Infrastructure of Nurture International School

Day Boarding

The school offers Day Boarding facility for working parents and others. The wards availing of day boarding shall spend entire day in the school. The students are taken well care by the trained and dedicated staff and ensure to provide every facility to make them feel at home.

Class Room

The Class rooms are spacious, well-lit and designed to be aesthetic as well as functional, with well-designed furniture, and the latest equipment necessary for learning.

Computer Lab

The school has Well-equipped Computer Room with Multimedia, LAN, Printers and UPS for continuous power supply. We provide Internet connectivity on the network through a dedicated leased line. Our well-equipped labs enable the students to experimentally verify concepts relevant in the class by their practical work.


The infrastructure provided is child friendly and aims at developing the reading skills among the students of the school. It mainly consists of Fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedia, reference books, and a host of interesting books.

Audio Visual Room

The audio visual room provides state-of-the-art learning aids to the students from the nursery level. It helps the student to gain knowledge and retain information. The audio-visual facility ably supplements the class room lessons.


An aesthetically designed auditorium with excellent acoustics and comfortable seating facility offers the students with a platform to rehearse and perform a host of co-curricular activities.

Music Room

The music room equipped with various musical instruments is a platform for the students to express their musical talents.

Dance Room

Wooden flooring and mirrored walls not only adds to the splendor of the dance room but also enables the students to practice their dance moves elegantly.

Activity Centre

Co-curricular activities certainly play a very important role in education, widening its scope and making education a meaningful experience. A lot of encouragement is given to those students interested in music, aerobics, dance and other co-curricular activities. Facilities for learning classical dance and music under trained professionals are available. Students are given the option of choosing any one activity as part of the curriculum. They are also encouraged to participate in inter-school literary and cultural competitions.


The school has a playground for children apart from a Basketball & Volleyball court. The school has a play area with a host of equipment’s such as Slides, Swings, Joy Wheel, Parallel Bars, Rope Climbing and Sand pit for the younger children. Specially trained teachers coach the children in Volleyball and Basketball.


Nurture International School runs a fleet of buses for the transport of its students to and from various parts of the city.

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