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E-7, Sector-50, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India

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About Ramagya School

Infrastructure at Ramagya facilities students academics and enhances their overall development.

The school with its spacious AC classrooms is equipped with smart rooms integrating subject matter with technology . A computer lab housing more than 35 computers gives adequate practice time to students individually. The English Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Social Science Lab and the Biology Lab exposed them to the world of science which as students is the very basis of their existence.

With academics sports infrastructure too is as modern as the labs of school. The children are exposed to a variety of games. Be it indoor games like shooting range, table tennis or outdoor games like swimming, skating, basketball, horse riding, hand ball, lawn tennis, cricket or karate, attributing to inculcate the sporty spirit in the young students, keeping them fit and healthy too.

Facilities in Ramagya School

Smart Classes   AC Class Room   Library  
Transportation   Swimming Pool   Play Ground  
Science Park   Auditorium   Cafeteria  
Safety And Security Systems   Gymnasium   Cricket Ground  
Football Ground   Volley Ball Ground   Basketball Ground  
Table Tennis   Badminton   Carrom  
Dance Room   Art Room   Music Room  
Medical Room   Toy Room   Activity Room  
Conference Room   Physics Lab   Chemistry Lab  
Biology Lab   Mathematics Lab   Computer Lab  
Blocks Toys   Toys   Sandy Play  
Story Session  

Admission Procedure for Ramagya School

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

RAMAGYA SCHOOL founded in April 2005 has already established itself as a prime educational institution in the area. RAMAGYA has a bright future being the best equipped school in Noida, offering international facilities in the most congenial atmosphere.

RAMAGYA  firmly  believes  in providing  holistic  value based  education that instills an  inner  confidence in students  and  to  train  and  equip  them  to face challenges with self  assurance.

Emphasis is  laid  on  scholastic excellence along with building character, leading to all round success in life. The  school  aims at  nurturing  its  students  not  only to  recognize  the  world around them but to develop them into confident and mature youngsters.

Special  care  and  attention is  paid by  the carefully chosen  faculty to  train students with an extraordinary blend  of  modern  teaching  methodologies based on traditional  wisdom and latest technology. We believe , performing arts, sports activities, extra and co–curricular activities broaden the  horizons  of   the students. The school  is committed  to  these  areas  along  with its  academic  excellence .  With  its warm, welcoming, invigorating  and  home like  atmosphere  RAMAGYA  is the  best  place where  the in-generation parents can trust future generation to be educated.

Ramagya  aims at the  broader development of  the complete  personality  by  raising  the sense of integrity, ethics and honesty with strong secular ethos. To create human environment, an inquisitive mind and a spirit of adventure, our  mission  is  to  concentrate  on  key  areas  of high – quality  student  learning,  respect & appreciation for humanity & Indianess.

Meenakshi Zarabi

Infrastructure of Ramagya School

RAMAGYA School located at Sector – 50, has carved a niche in the field of education over the years of its existence by providing quality education to the students.

The curriculum at RAMAGYA is multi-face, instilling inner confidence in students to live life with self-assurance. Education at RAMAGYA is a blend of modern teaching methodologies, amalgamated with traditional methodologies.

This is among very few schools in NOIDA which initiates E-Learning. The smart class approach in RAMAGYA has made learning interesting and has broadened the horizons of the students making them lifelong learners, as their years at RAMAGYA are the beginning of a journey.

The infrastructure at RAMAGYA provides its students with all modern amenities exposing them to a world which is new to most. The spacious AC class rooms, the well-equipped PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY& MATHS Laboratories, the ART ROOM, the MUSIC and DANCE, SHOOTING RANGE are the areas where the creative skills of students are boned, nurtured & polished. The sports academy of RAMAGYA is well known and creating to the sporty spirit of students. Professional coaches mentor the students in the areas of interest, be it Basket Ball, Lawn tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Football, Skating, shooting and practice sessions at the golf greens.

Students are motivated to develop friendship with books. The weekly issues of books from the enriching library of almost 8,000 books of various genres have been facilitated in inculcating reading habit in the young Ramagyans. Keeping pace with time the school also caters to the comfort of its students providing AC in the classrooms as well as the buses plying from almost all sectors of NOIDA and the areas adjacent to NOIDA, keeping in view the convenience of both the parents and children.

The interactive sessions at Ramagya provide the students a platform to overcome their concerns & queries with the help of well-groomed mentors and guiding counselors. 25/1 is the student teacher ratio at RAMAGYA, what the parent’s dream of.

RAMAGYA BLOSSOMS, The pre-primary wing of RAMAGYA is blossoming in the hands of caring and committed facilitators, in an environment which is lively, vibrant and provides equal opportunities to all.

The activity based learning at BLOSSOMS is child centered with organized ambience, loving mentors and an environment where creativity is given preference to adapt to their surroundings and bond with their friends to become good human beings.

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