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Shiv Nadar School

Pahari Road,E Block, Dlf Phase I, Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana, India

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About Shiv Nadar School

At Shiv Nadar School, the day is planned in a way that it gives us the opportunity to meet the challenge of creating a learning environment which provides enough stimuli to spark a sense of enquiry, exploration, expression, assimilation and recapitulation among children.

The school timings for Nursery and K.G. children are: 8:30am to 12:30pm.

At the kindergarten level, the day begins with active sport that energizes students. Students are given ample time for settling in class after every half an hour as we recognize the importance of assimilation time between different activities.

Theme time focuses on the creative and analytical aptitudes of the child. It approaches learning in an integrated manner. This is attained by exploring the environment through the elements of music, art, theatre which enhances the sensory and cognitive ability of the child, making learning fun. Stories, theatre, music dance and art form the media of transaction and, students learn about their environment grasp language and develop it.

Skill time is used to focus especially on those language and numeracy skills that a student needs to master in order to make the most of thematic learning. Skill time gives children the opportunity to explore experiment, draw conclusions and apply the concepts learnt in other situations too.

Circle time and Story-telling are an integral part of the day structure in classes Nursery-II, as it greatly helps children form socio-emotional connections with their immediate environment while at the same time developing empathy in them.

Timings from class I onwards are – 8:30am to 3:45 pm

From Class I onwards, all students get the opportunity to discover their talents, interests and aptitudes through AHA! Time from 2:00p – 3:40pm, daily. The freedom of choice to pursue two areas of interest from amongst music, dance, theatre, art, technology and sport leads a child on a journey of self discovery and personal mastery. Over the years this helps children excel in their chosen area through rigorous, joyous and creative engagement with peers who share the same interests.

AHA! Curriculum leads to exploration of:

  • Personal potential & skills through imagination, speech, observation, movement and feeling
  • Human relationships through conflicts (personal & social), problems & conditions, attitudes, fears and prejudices
  • Literature (past & present) through myth, legends, plays, newspapers, biographies, novel, poetry and new writing
  • Other aspects of society through art, music, film, T.V, radio, science, civics, religion, history, geography, health & well-being.


  • The School provides nutritious snack to students of classes Nursery and K.G.
  • From Classes I onwards students are provided a wholesome snack and lunch in school.
  • Meals are mandatory for students at the school

The School provides comfortable air-conditioned buses which ply on all major routes in NOIDA, Gurgaon and South Delhi.
More information on bus routes will be available at the school admission office.

Facilities in Shiv Nadar School

Smart Classes   AC Class Room   Library  
Transportation   Swimming Pool   Play Ground  
Auditorium   Safety And Security Systems   Mid-Day Meal  
Cricket Ground   Football Ground   Basketball Ground  
Table Tennis   Badminton   Squash  
Carrom   Dance Room   Art Room  
Music Room   Medical Room   Toy Room  
Activity Room   Conference Room   Physics Lab  
Chemistry Lab   Biology Lab   Mathematics Lab  
Computer Lab   Blocks Toys   Toys  
Story Session  

Admission Procedure for Shiv Nadar School

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Education can be likened to a great big canvas and during the founding years, we would like the student to throw as much paint as they can, on this canvas. I am sure they will immerse themselves into their education, make the most of the canvas of opportunity that they are offered and paint the goals they aspire to achieve. Their education will be sound, creative and innovative and Shiv Nadar School together with the parents shall collaborate to make it a reality. The teachers at Shiv Nadar School will take act to help the child achieve academic, sporting, cultural excellence and become lifelong learners

As children grow they have to interact with many people – including teachers and friends at Shiv Nadar School. Our School gives the child the opportunity to acquire social skills in a known, safe and secure environment through events. Shiv Nadar School encourages the child to venture out and discover his/her strengths and interests. It teaches the child to discover patience and share limelight with others. Together with parents the school can make the children master of their fate and captains of their souls. They help the child ‘Think High, Fly High. Let us all touch the sky’.

At Shiv Nadar School we see challenges as stepping stones – opportunities that we encounter on our way to success, to “step on” so that we can achieve more, develop further and ultimately actualize more of our goals.

Our vision is goal focused, yet simple – Produce lifelong learners who are happy, well adjusted contributing citizens of society and influential leaders of tomorrow. We help the child discover individual strengths and channelize them towards a very goal-directed niche within our school.

Accomplished education is about much more than academic achievement alone. It is also about nurturing a passion for learning, developing a broad range of interests that extend beyond the confines of the classroom, developing the capacity for independent thinking and living values with confidence without being arrogant. In short, it is to develop a student’s personality to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. Such an education is, “Education for Life”, Where the vision is,

  • One year, Cultivate flowers.
  • Ten years, Cultivate trees
  • Eventually, Cultivate People.

Success in life depends upon how we organize and judiciously organize the knowledge we possess. It is necessary to take up an idea, make that idea a part of our life, think of it, dream of it, live it and be a winner. At Shiv Nadar School, our endeavor is to give the child faith and belief in his/her ideas and live to actualize his dreams.

Life is not just an act of instruction, but a series of expressions and a learning process.

Ms. Rashmi Prakash
Principal Name

Infrastructure of Shiv Nadar School


The Classrooms at Shiv Nadar School are workshops for learning

  • Spacious classrooms.
  • Extensive display area in each classroom for the students own work
  • The classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities


The school houses a fully equipped state-of-the art Computer labs- for junior and primary wing where the complete strength of the classes can be catered at one go. The students have free access to the systems and are encouraged to exploit the system resources and in this, highly experienced and talented computer teachers and a lab assistant support them.


‘Learning by doing’. This is exactly what is followed at all the labs at Shiv Nadar School. The physics, chemistry biology labs and the junior science labs are equipped with modern devices and are child friendly. Children get regular exposure to the science lab for the better understanding of the concepts through observation, experimentation and demonstration.


The Math’s lab provides a vibrant environment for learning by doing. Abstract mathematical concepts acquire clarity here. Visualization on computer helps instill spatial concepts while solid figures become tangible on handling. The Children learn the application of mathematics in their day to day activities in the math’s lab.


The language lab is equipped to empower students with strong linguistic skills. The latest equipment makes it possible for the optimum utilization of audio-visual inputs which go a long way in reinforcing the listening and speaking skills of students. Here students learn to polish their English and Hindi.


Social Science lab is a well equipped and functional lab. It has an LCD power projector and broadband connectivity where we have an access to the net based smart classroom Multimedia content. This lab is an attempt to integrate the various disciplines of social science and environment studies and to enable the students to develop comprehensive and holistic approach towards the society and to make the children understand how societies keep ever evolving and progressing and nation.


Special audio-visual presentations are arranged related to the concepts which lead to quick and better retention of concepts in children. It is also equipped with projector and a white board which help the students to explore visual presentation on various topics. It is also an attempt to describe the concept visually and is a very useful re- enforcement technique for the topics covered in the classroom.


The limitless imagination of creative minds finds artistic expression in the Art class room. Students are introduced to various Art forms and styles as the aesthetic aptitude is finely tuned and given direction.


It is used to impart training to children in light and classical dance forms.


The room houses various musical instruments to be learnt by students.


The library stocks a wide range of books fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, covering a wide range of subjects across all ages and caters to the reading appetite of every student. The collection is replenished from time to time.


Sports room comprises of various play equipments for the full school. Since education also aims at physical development of individuals, we will be maintaining various sports equipment.


We will ensure that adequate procedures are developed for the care of children, in all aspects of pupil safety and health while they are at school. The Infirmary will provide adequate facilities for all children to be attended to following accident or sickness at school.

In addition there will be a Staff Room, Resource Room, Dining Hall and Kitchen.


The Administrative block will consist of a principals room, a vice principals room, a conference room, reception/Lobby, Admin office, Councilor’s room, Multi-purpose Hall with stage.


The school has well maintained and well constructed courts for various outdoor sports like:


Swimming is given a lot of importance and provisions made for all age groups. The water is chlorine free and treated with ozone technology. The expert coaches are recruited keeping in mind they will be required to tackle beginners, regular swimmers as well as train students to take part in various competitions.


Two separate Basket ball courts are available


A well maintained football field would be available along with excellent coaching facilities


Well maintained badminton and tennis courts along with excellent coaching facilities would be available.


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