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OSA Conducted Awareness Workshop on School Admissions at Emerald Convent School, Faridabad

Faridabad, 19th October, 2012, OSA ( conducted an awareness workshop on school admissions at Emerald Convent School today in school campus. This is India’s first parent’s friendly portal that relieves them from the problems of school admissions. Parents can now access these schools, their detailed profile with details like address, about school, admission procedure, facilities, infrastructure, principal/director message etc and ability to submit their application forms online.

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In this workshop, Mr. J B Yadav, Managing Director (OSA), Mr. Atul Singh, Training Manager (OSA), Mr. Subhojit Banerjee, Marketing Head (OSA), Mr. Satish, Chairman (Emerald Convent School) & Mrs. H.K.Chabra, Principal (Emerald Convent School) were present. All the teachers of school participated in this workshop.

In the continuation of the workshop, Mr. J B Yadav, Managing Director (OSA) said, “This novel concept was launched after seeing the pathetic condition of the Indian parents while they stood in lines outside schools for admission forms. This is perhaps the first time in the history of the Indian Internet market that an Indian company has ventured to provide an option to submit school application forms online to parents across the country.”

At OSA, visitors can the profile of a school online with its contact details prior to applying to it. Mr. Atul Singh, Training Manager (OSA) said, “This website reduces the stress and slashes the time involved in a child’s admission process because parents now can submit their child application forms online in just 3 easy steps.

Parents can also attach their child’s documents like birth certificate, address proof etc, online and in turn get an SMS and E-mail alert for a meeting scheduled by a school.” The aim to revolutionize the school education across India & spread awareness about school admissions among teachers, parents & students.

Say good-bye to the long-queues at schools, and embrace technology by using the services of Online School, and admit your child into your dream school. In the End of the Workshop, program coordinator Mr. Subhojit Banerjee had given vote of thanks to all members who were present in this program to make it successful.

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